Gearbox Repairs

If you require gearbox repairs, The Car Mender gets you in contact with experienced mechanics who repair and replace gearboxes for cars, vans and 4x4s. With interest free finance over 4 months you get back in your car in a faster amount of time and pay later.

Fixing a gearbox is a difficult process but the professionals have the technical knowledge to conduct this type of repair for you with OEM or genuine replacement components and diagnostic equipment.

By offering free collection and delivery of your car or van, a gearbox repair at 1 of 700 garages is easy to organise with the team. Whatever faults you're finding with the gearbox of your car, it is essential that they are swiftly repaired so that your vehicles performance and safety on the road is not adversely affected.

Gearbox Repair

Whatever gearbox problems you're having with your vehicle, the garages will assist with an efficient gearbox repair. From prestige and high performance sports cars, to family 4x4s and vans, a high quality gearbox service will be offered for you. It's a convenient service to schedule because your car or van will be picked up from your home or place or work.

Some of the faults linked with a defective gearbox include loud grinding noises with the gears, and difficulty in changing the gears. Burning smells and warning lights on the dashboard should not be ignored as it can suggest serious problems with the gearbox and transmission system.

Another issue can be the gear slipping; when the gears shift out of position or into neutral whilst driving or when the car is stationary and of course there is a significant safety risk when this occurs. Even if the symptoms appear minor it's always a wise idea to get a repair rather than replacement for multiple car parts.

Once the car arrives at the garage for your gearbox repair, the skilled team will first check the gearbox and determine if it can be repaired. The options for gearbox repair are than discussed with you in a friendly and jargon free manner, so that you can be reassured by the mechanics that careful repairs are completed on your car.

Most kinds of gearboxes can be repaired by the experienced mechanics who use high quality oil, parts and diagnostic equipment to identify and repair the problem. Gearbox repair is a tricky process but due to the skills of the mechanics, a professional service can be provided for you.

Gearbox Replacement

If repairs to the gearbox are not economical, the skilled mechanics can help you with a gearbox replacement.

Before carrying out this kind of service, a check of the vehicle is conducted to ensure that a repair is not viable, so if someone has informed you that a replacement is the only option, the garages that The Car Mender connect you with will make sure this is true! This service covers all the main car manufacturers including BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Volvo to name but a few examples.

The age, value and condition of your vehicle determines if a gearbox replacement is the best choice for you but most modern cars can have the gearbox replaced at a price which is cost-effective for you.

The service provided comes with labour, parts, oil and a 12 month warranty, for total confidence that the service has been completed to a high quality standard. Subject to availability, motorists have the choice of installing a reconditioned or new gearbox which is built for your specific car make. With the expertise and know-how of the mechanics, swift turnarounds can be obtained so you won't be without your vehicle for too long.

If you have any queries about gearbox replacement you can contact the mechanics by filling out the enquiry form now for an answer by email or phone.

Manual Gearbox Repairs

Manual Gearbox Repairs

The manual gearbox repairs that are provided by the garages cover cars, 4x4s and vans from many vehicle manufacturers. Advances in car technology have made gearboxes long laster but also more tricky to repair when a breakdown occurs!

As the gearbox is such an important part of your car, it is crucial that a professional check and repair any problems with it. With The Car Mender, we will get you in touch with experts who provide repairs and replacements for gearboxes at a cost-effective cost for you.

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

The transmission system of your car encompasses the whole drivetrain including the clutch, gearbox, prop shaft (for rear-wheel drive), differential, and final drive shafts. A complex system which differs by vehicle manufacturer and model, issues with anyone of these vital components like the gearbox can lead to vehicle failure.

The garages have the diagnostic tools and spare parts necessary required for transmission repairs which are needed when parts become defective because of wear and tear, accidents or poor maintenance.

Gearbox Problems

Gearbox Problems

Like any mechanical component in your car, gearboxes will eventually fail and diagnosing the origin of gearbox issues can be a tricky process.

Common issues linked to with a broken gearbox include banging or grinding noises, gear slipping and difficulty in shifting gears. This fault may be intermittent but it is important that a repair is arranged promptly as the cost of a repair is often much less than a replacement!


How long will a gearbox repair take to complete?

Gearboxes are complex systems which often require specialist equipment and expertise and the time required to repair or replace a gearbox will differ greatly by vehicle manufacturer. However, with the fully trained mechanics a gearbox repair can be completed promptly and a more accurate estimate will be offered once the vehicle has been inspected.

How much does a gearbox repair cost?

The cost of the gearbox repair depends upon the brand and condition of your car. Where possible, the mechanics will provide repairs to the gearbox or a reconditioned one rather than a replacement as the expense will be lower for you.

Will gearbox repairs come with a warranty?

Yes every completed gearbox repair or replacement includes a 1 year warranty covering the components fitted and labour.


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